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Cantilever brace
2016-10-9 12:21:18 Viewed:

Single side cantilever LG-180 and LG-240 are mainly used in the construction of large area concrete construction such as dam, bridge pier, anchor slab, concrete retaining wall, tunnel and underground powerhouse. Because the concrete lateral pressure is fully borne by the embedded parts and support, so it is not necessary to wall screw, template also do not have separate reinforcement measures, the use of simple, rapid, economic, concrete wall surface smooth, absolutely waterproof, LG-180 and LG-240 template system is a kind of ideal single wall formwork system

Cantilever template feature

1, support template and construction load by tensioning screw, embedded parts and tripod assume, without other scaffolding, suitable for high-altitude operation.

2, the maximum height can reach 6 meters, the template can be part of the overall shift 600mm.

3, the template part can be relative to the support frame part up and down about regulation, the diagonal strut type structure template can be tilted back and forth.

4, the template unit is connected with a core band, and the unit is connected into a long way.

5, the standard procedure of the connecting rod is high, and the universality is strong.

6, the template can be used to adjust the seat and the concrete to prevent leakage and wrong.

7, the frame system is equipped with a hanging platform to facilitate the removal of buried pieces and concrete appearance treatment