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Hydraulic support formwork
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Hydraulic self climbing formwork is the power source of the hydraulic system itself, the hydraulic system comprises a hydraulic cylinder and the upper and lower reversing box, commutating box can control the rail frame or climb climb, the hydraulic system can make each other climbing frame body and between the rails to form template, so that the hydraulic self climbing form a steady upward climb, hydraulic climbing without other lifting equipment in the construction process, convenient operation, climbing speed, high safety factor. It can be either straight or inclined to climb. It is the preferred template system for the construction of high rise building and bridge construction.

The company's standard hydraulic self climbing model there are two main types, respectively, LG-100 and LG-50. two models of the template part of the template is generally wood and steel formwork.


1, hydraulic self climbing formwork can not only overall climb, but also can be independent unit to climb, climbing process is stable, synchronous, safe.

2, climb a mold body assembly, except for the structural requirements for mold transformation, under normal circumstances are not always to the top floor, saving construction site, reduce the template (especially panel) bruise damage.

3, to provide a full range of operating platform, construction units do not need to re build operating platform and waste materials and labor.

4, the structure of the construction error is small, the deviation is simple, and the construction error can be eliminated by layer by layer.

5, climbing speed, can improve the project construction progress (average 4 days a layer).

6, the template self climb, remain clean, greatly reducing the time of hanging crane.

Climbing process

1, formwork, with embedded parts on the pull rod and the diagonal brace fixed template, concrete pouring for the first time.

2, demoulding, installation of embedded parts hanging seat, hoisting bracket and template installation platform, second concrete pouring mould.

3, enhance the template and frame body, installation guide rail, hydraulic system and lifting platform.

4, mold casting third times.

5, after the installation of formwork, shift template, attached to the wall of the device, lifting rail.

6, climbing frame body to a predetermined position.

7, mold, concrete pouring, into the standard climbing state.