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Adjustable arc formwork
2016-10-9 12:47:57 Viewed:

1 Introduction

Adjustable circular arc template for the 12-18mm thick plate, because the import board has a certain toughness, in the application of appropriate external forces to produce deformation and not be destroyed.

Using this characteristic, through the geometry principle, the adjustment system, causes the panel to bend into the design curve. The adjacent adjustable arc formwork unit can realize seamless connection through the adjustable steel frame clamp.

Installation sequence of adjustable arc formwork:

1 installation of wood beams and beam connections;

2 mounting panel and side rib;

3 installation dispensing system;

4 mounting connecting seat;

5 the whole regulation, through the adjustment system to drive the template to bend, until the template of the bending radius to achieve the desired design value;

6 adjustable steel frame clamp is used to connect the adjustable arc formwork unit.

Scope of application:

The structure is suitable for the circular arc structure with larger radius, and the template is used for the construction of the vehicle ramp, the stadium, the railway bridge pier and other curved structures.

Degree to improve the turnover of the template, save the template cost.